• IAS Statement regarding travel bans

The International and Area Studies Program at Northwestern University is staffed by academics and administrators with expertise in all aspects of international affairs. In our professional capacities we engage in scholarship and conversation about global issues, including US domestic and foreign relations.  

The recent decisions of the US government to seriously impede or entirely forbid travel to the US for large numbers of people based only on their national identity is a tremendous mistake and a violation of their basic human rights and dignity.  

The executive order signed on January 27, 2017, appears to violate many existing US laws as well as parts of the US Constitution. It is contrary to American values and to basic human decency. It is also tremendously counter-productive as it creates enemies and offends friends around the world.

We oppose and condemn these new policies and support those seeking to overturn them.

Prof. Ian Hurd

Department of Political Science and Director of the International Studies Program

Prof. Rajeev Kinra

Department of History and Director of the Asian Studies Program

Prof. Paul Gillingham

Department of History Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program

Bianca R. Jimenez

Assistant Director of International and Area Studies

Parth Joshi

Program Assistant for International and Area Studies

Prof. Brian Edwards

Department of English and Advisory Board for International Studies

Prof. Mark Hauser

Department of Anthropology and Advisory Board for International Studies

Prof. Daniel Immerwahr

Department of History and Advisory Board for International Studies

Prof. Emily Maguire

Department of Spanish and Portuguese and Advisory Board for International Studies

Prof. J. Michelle Molina

Department of Religious Studies and Department of History and Advisory Board for International Studies

Prof. Wendy Pearlman

Department of Political Science and Advisory Board for International Studies

Prof. Galya Ben-Arieh Ruffer

Director, Center for Forced Migration Studies at Buffett Institute for Global Studies and Advisory Board for International Studies

Prof. Debra Thompson

Department of African-American Studies and Advisory Board for International Studies

Prof. Mark Witte

Department of Economics and Advisory Board for International Studies


 January 30, 2017

  • Welcome Class of 2020!

So happy to have everyone back on campus. Have a wonderful Fall Quarter!

  • IS photo contest open!

The 2nd Annual photo contest is accepting entries. Deadline to submit is Monday, April 18, 2016. 

• Contest open to all Intl St Majors/Minors
• Photos will be used for IS website and other publicity materials
• Send photo(s)* with your name, brief caption, location
• Photo(s) must be at least 800X800px | 72 ppi
• Must own rights to photo(s), up to 5 entries per person allowed

  • Call for Honors Applications 2017

Honors applications are due Monday, April 4th, 2016.  For more information: The Honors Program in International Studies is for outstanding and engaged majors who wish to take on the challenge of actively researching and writing about a topic in international studies. Students accepted to the program enroll in a two-part seminar through which they plan, research and write their thesis. Honors students who want to take on the unique challenge of primary research are strongly encouraged to apply for University research support and conduct research either during study abroad or in the summer, though this is not required for honors.

Professor Hurd shares his insight on US foreign policy and the democratic primaries. Read the story here: 

  • New Course Added Fall 2015

We are excited to welcome Prof. Başak Yavçan who will be teaching a brand new course, Politics and Securitization of Immigration. Prof. Yavçan is the 2015-2016 Visiting Scholar in the Keyman Program in Modern Turkish Studies at the Buffett Institute for Global Studies. She is also Assistant Professor of Political Science, and Deputy Director for the Center for Social Policy Research at TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Ankara, Turkey. Limited seats are available.  

Intl St 390-22: Politics and Securitization of Immigration
Course Description: 
The purpose of this course is to understand the governance of immigration in relation to international cooperation and domestic politics with the use of theories of immigration. We will start with the role of international organizations in creating different degrees of integration and immigration regimes as well as the role of domestic politics in securitization of immigration. We will do this, in relation to the free movement of persons as a result of globalization and its legal implications. We will then discuss the impact of various critical junctures such as militarized disputes, economic crises, and terrorist activities on international cooperation on this issue. Finally, we will discuss the social implications of immigration and the resulting inter-group conflicts via the use of public opinion studies.

  • 2015 photo contest winners

The International Studies Program is pleased to announce the winners for the 2015 International Studies Photo Contest. We received dozens of images from all around the world — the pictures documented the extraordinary travels and creativity of the International Studies students, and so many also showed great technical skills in photography. The selection process was difficult but we arrived at three pictures that we found were exemplary as images and as communicating something important about the spirit of the International Studies community. 

The winners are:
He Chen – Rothenburg in a Postcard, Germany
Anthony Luk - Las Salinas Grandes, Salt Flats of Salta, Argentina
Kaitlin Hansen - Ha Long Bay, one of the new 7 Wonders of the World, Vietnam

  • IS majors win research grants!

Congratulations to IS majors receiving language grants, academic year URGs and summer quarter URGs

Academic Year URGs:
 Ashley Augustine
 William Conroy
 Lindsay Jagla
 Yujin Maeng

Language Grant:
 Jessica Castellanos

Summer URGs:
 Alana Basil
 Asli Salihoglu
 Ping Chin