William Reno

William Reno is a specialist in African politics, the politics of state collapse and the organization and behavior of rebels and other non-state armed groups. His current research into non-state armed groups draws upon research in Somalia, where he investigates the organizational strategies of rebel groups and militias. His research aims to discover how and why specific armed groups master intensely fragmented social environments and external interference in their efforts to control the behavior of members and assert distinct political programs, tasks that confound most of their counterparts in other armed groups. This project also involves field research in Iraq to acquire a more diverse sample of armed group behavior.His books include Corruption and State Politics in Sierra Leone Cambridge, 1995), Warlord Politics and African States (Lynne Rienner, 1998) and Warfare in Independent Africa (Cambridge, 2011). Reno is Professor of Political Science and Director of the Program of African Studies at Northwestern University.