Frank Safford

Frank Safford is an historian of Latin America, whose research in economic and political history deals with Colombia throughout its history but also spans Spanish America as a whole in the nineteenth century. Among the topics he has treated are patterns in politics, entrepreneurship and commerce, and constraints to economic development. Among his publications are: The Ideal of the Practical: Colombia's Struggle to Form a Technical Elite (Austin, 1976); Aspectos del siglo xix en Colombia (Medellín, 1977); "Politics, Ideology and Society in Post-Independence Spanish America," Cambridge History of Latin America, vol. III (1985); Agrarian Structure and Political Power: Landlord & Peasant in the Making of Latin America, with Evelyne Huber (Pittsburgh, 1995); and Colombia: Fragmented Land, Divided Society, with Marco Palacios (New York, Oxford, 2002). Currently, he is finishing a book, written in Spanish for a Colombian readership. It is to be published by the central bank in Colombia, The Banco de la Republica. The title will be Experiencias Empresariales en Colombia Central, 1820-1880.