Student Advisory Board

The Weinberg College Student Advisory Board (SAB) is the primary source of student advice to the Dean of the College and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies.

The SAB plays a central role in the College by:

  • Helping nominate faculty and TAs for Weinberg College Outstanding Teaching awards;
  • Selecting Weinberg College students to serve on several vital committees; and
  • Recommending a speaker for Weinberg College's Senior Convocation to the Dean.

Each year, the International Studies program nominates two of our majors/minors to join the board.

2015-2016 SAB representatives

Ellen Lawrence

Ellen Lawrence
Ellen Lawrence is currently a senior here at Northwestern. She is majoring in International Studies and Anthropology, minoring in Art History. Her thematic cluster in International Studies is Political Economy and Development. Within the major, Ellen was able to travel and work in Paris, France as well as Florence, Italy. During her time abroad, she worked for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the non- profit organization Opera di Santa Croce. As an International Studies and Anthropology major, Ellen plans to go to law school and eventually practice in an international arena. 


William Rosenthal
I am currently a senior at Northwestern University, pursuing a double major in Economics and International Studies. I am a dual US-UK citizen, having grown up abroad my entire life in the U.K. before arriving to Northwestern as a freshman. While living in London, as I became sensitized to cultural and geopolitical ties early on, I first developed a passion for understanding global affairs. Within the IS major at Northwestern, I have chosen to specialize in the Europe and International Political Economy and Development clusters because I am particularly interested in international finance and third-world development. I also lead and participate in multiple organizations on campus, enjoy sports (Manchester United, specifically) and will be working in New York next year.

Email your comments, questions, or concerns about your IS major/minor, or the College to our SAB reps.

To Apply:

  1. You must be a Weinberg student declared as an Intl Studies major or minor
  2. You must not be away from campus (study abroad, internship, etc. ) during the 3 quarters of your service year
  3. You must submit a completed application & resume
Applications are accepted in April of each year.