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Global Cafe

Global Cafe is an exciting opportunity that connects students with graduate student mentors to acquire the tools and resources necessary for conducting independent research with a global perspective. The International Studies conference room 201 will be home to the Global Cafe, a community for students to learn about the mysterious process of research and to help develop ideas for research projects.  Students of every level are welcome, and refreshments and light snacks are always provided. 

The Global Cafe is an ideal resource for all types of students including those who are: 

  • planning on studying abroad and are interested in carrying out international projects,
  • who have come back from abroad and want to start their own projects,
  • who are interested in applying for research grants or other funds
  • who are interested in conducting an Honors thesis,
  • who are interested in applying to graduate school, or
  • who are in the process of writing an independent research paper for a class

We encourage all students to stop by and join us Mondays through Thursdays from 12pm until 2pm and speak with our graduate student mentors about the research process.


Global Cafe mentors 2013-2014


lailaLaila Ballout, Department of History
Laila specializes in the relationship between the United States andthe Middle East during the late Cold War. Her dissertation explores the relationship between the United States and Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War from 1975 to 1990 with a particular interest in the role of religion and the media.

“Too often people think of writing as a solitary project—I think it’s wonderful to have a space like Global Café where students can come, hash out ideas and get feedback.  I feel like he process of verbalizing thoughts and engaging in dialogue with other people about your ideas is critical to clarifying your own thinking.  I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with and learn from our amazing undergrads!”

jessicaJessica Pouchet, Department of Anthropology
Jessica is a linguistic and cultural anthropologist with research experience in Egypt, Trinidad and Tobago, and Tanzania. Her dissertation will consider what it’s like to live in a global biodiversity hotspot as a human. She conducts her research in the rainforests of Tanzania’s Eastern Arc Mountains, where she studies how forest-adjacent communities respond to international economic, environmental, and political pressures.


Special Events at the Global Cafe

Throughout the year, we will coordinate a number of special events for the Global Cafe. These events include:

  • Students in the Field
    A series exploring undergraduate projects and international research from around the world.
  • World Roundup Dinners
    Discussions about global events and research opportunities for undergrads
  • 1st Wednesday dinners with the Center for Forced Migration Studies,
  • Open Mic Readings
    Honors students from throughout the University share their research theses in progress and audience members are able to provide feedback
  • University Resources
    Find out about opportunities at Northwestern for fellowships, funding, research guides, library archives, and study abroad opportunties

For more information and dates/times of these events check out our calendar under the News/Events section.

Past Presentations:





The International Studies office wishes to thank The Graduate School for providing support to the Global Cafe.