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Emilio Lehoucq

Global Cafe Mentor | Department of Sociology

I am pursuing a Ph.D. in sociology and a master in statistics. I am motivated by contemporary social problems and interested in thinking through them––their emergence, their consequences, and how to think about them. I am also passionate about research methods, as well as their history and philosophy.

My current research is motivated by the growing importance of data in contemporary economic, social, and political life. My dissertation project focuses on how data is used, and specifically on an increasingly popular approach to modeling. I seek to understand how machine learning came to be an established subfield of academic and applied research. I am also interested in data collection, privacy, and resistance. With Sidney Tarrow I am exploring the emergence of a transnational movement for privacy across the Atlantic.

I am also interested in religious participation in politics. While finishing my masters in law, I conducted research on the conservative legal mobilization against LGBT rights in Colombia, where I realized the rising importance of Evangelicals. This drove me to a project I am currently wrapping up explaining the breakdown of the Catholic order in Latin America since 1970.

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