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Sureshi Jayawardene

Department of African American Studies

Teaching Intl St 395: Slavery in Global Relational Perspective
Sureshi Jayawardene is a PhD student in the Department of African American Studies and a fellow of the Comparative Race and Diaspora Cluster. Her research is focused on African-descended people in South Asian societies as a result of the East African Slave Trade and their community and identity formation in these new homelands. She is currently working on a project that seeks to reveal the processes and substances of South Asian social structures that impact how Kaffirs in Sri Lanka create community, maintain identity, and lobby for meaningful political change. Sureshi’s scholarly interests include Pan African politics, African diasporic settlement and adaptation, as well as the global spread of Black power. In her view, these research areas present opportunities to further study and theorize African diasporic communities, thought, and phenomena in culturally grounded ways toward advancing the interests of these communities. Sureshi recently earned a Master’s degree in African American Studies from Northwestern University and holds a Master’s degree in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University. She completed her undergraduate work in Global Studies and Women’s Studies at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN.
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