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Student Advisory Board

The Weinberg College Student Advisory Board (SAB) is the primary source of student advice to the Dean of the College and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies.

The SAB plays a central role in the College by:

Each year, the International Studies program nominates two of our majors/minors to join the board.

2018-2019 SAB representatives


Miranda Heaner

Double Major in International Studies and French

"I was born and raised in Los Angeles, growing up surrounded by so many different cultures and languages. I wanted to continue to learn French, but I also wanted to study abroad and take refugee law courses. As an International Studies student here at Northwestern, I am so lucky that I have the opportunity to study what I love and combine so many different areas of interest. However, nothing beats a nice cup of tea, a good book and some knitting at the end of a long day."



Kaitlyn Rubinstein

Major in International Studies and Minor in Spanish

"Since the beginning of my undergraduate career, the thing I’ve been most certain about is international studies.  As someone who wants to escape the U.S. centric bubble and live and work abroad, the department has been my perfect fit.  The interdisciplinary nature of the adjunct major allows students to tailor it to their particularly interests, and I’ve enjoyed molding my international studies experience to focus on global human rights in society."

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