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Degree Requirements

Each student in International Studies can take a wide variety of courses to satisfy the course requirements. Because students must show a minimum of eight courses not double-counted in any other major(s), students should see an international studies adviser when designing their program. All IS adjunct majors and minors must satisfy the 2-year Weinberg language proficiency requirement.

Adjunct majors must complete a minimum of 12 courses including 5 Core courses, 3 Thematic courses, 3 Regional courses, and 1 Senior Integrating Seminar.

Minors must complete 8 courses including 5 Core courses and 3 additional courses in either a Regional or Thematic concentration.

Below are sample schedules for past IS majors/minors. Course offerings and availability change on a quarterly basis.

Adjunct Major sample 1

Adjunct Major sample 2

Adjunct Major sample 3

5 Core Courses

5 Core Courses

5 Core Courses

Theme: Culture & Society

Theme: Global Commons

Theme: International Security

Ling 222: Lang, Politics & Identity

Legal St 394:Human Rights & Refugee Law

Intl St 390-20: Terrorism & Counter-terrorism

Anthro 212: Global Cultures/Global Inequalities

Envr Pol 394: Intl Env Orgs

Poli Sci 350: Social Movements

Comp Lit 375: Lit & its others

Intl St 390: Refugee Crises & Human Rights

Hist 200-41: Hist of Mod Warfare

Region: Africa

Region: Asia

Region: Latin America

Hist:Hist 392: Africa, Medical Pluralism & Hist of Health

Hist:Hist 385-2: Hist Mod South Asia

Hist:Hist 392: 20th c. Latin Am Women in Rev

Lit: Study abroad course

Lit: Comp Lit 271-4: Japanese Lit in translation

Lit: Eng 365: Postcolonial Lit

Beliefs & Soc Sys: Anthro 390 Youth & Pol in Sub-Sharan Africa

Beliefs & Soc Sys: Rel 210: Intro to Buddhism

Beliefs & Soc Sys:Study abroad course

Senior Seminar

Senior Seminar

Senior Seminar

Minor sample 1

Minor sample 2

5 Core Courses 

5 Core Courses 

Region: Middle East

Theme: Intl Political Economy & Dev

Hist; Hist 370-3: Hist of Islamic Middle East

Soc 332: Work & Occup- Global Perspective

Lit: Study abroad course

Intl St 290: Intro to Intl Dev

Beliefs & Soc Sys: Poli Sci 351: Middle East Politics

Econ 326: Econ of Dev Countries

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